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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Randomonium Tuesday Fun.....

I broke out the hot glue gun... I love it when I do that. I like to think 
I'm crafty but I kinda lack imagination and I'm a little on the ADD side so it's
hard to see something thru' from start to finish. 
It's more then evident in my photo a day projects.. so slap dash it's alarming.

See... digression is my tick.... anyway back to the hot glue gun.
Crazy Aunt Donna has some wine glasses that I admired last time I was over 
there and she told me her friend made them with some glass gems and 
a hot glue gun.... easy and cool and it involves wine glasses... I'm in!!!

Et Voila.... c'est très joli n'est pas???

Ash has been counting money at school and therefore we're counting money
at home. The McGilli sisters are both saving their pocket money each
week and big sissy has been helping little sissy tally her nest egg.
I'm impressed with Ash's system, she sorts the bills and the coins first and
then sorts the coins into piles and proceeds to count. Here's what I overheard.. 
Ash "OK...what's four dollars ... and four cents?"
Syd "erm..four dollars and four cents!!!" 
you probably had to be there but it was funny at the time.

OK, ready for some better weather here folks. This is not new is it?
Everyone has suffered this winter, cold temps, snow, ice... well 
I'm here to tell you Mother Nature... I'm over it already!
I can't stand it any more... really... today I have been forced to stay home
because I'm a little under the weather and I just can't get warm. 
It SUCKS. The heat is on and everyone else is comfortable but I'm out of
this world cold... I even dreamed the other night that I was in England and it
was warmer than it is here in South GA!!!!! It's been miserable rainy too
which just adds to the miserablility of the mid life mama. I want Spring.. I want Spring.

Speaking of Spring... for some crazy reason we mentioned to our dearest, darling kids
that we might just take them to Busch Gardens when they're out of school for
spring break. It's always been one of our fav theme parks, Syd was two 
the last time we went and Ash has never been. Well, Syd is obsessing about this
trip.... she's saving for a video camera because she wants to record the day!! 
She's even trying to talk me into giving her the Kodak...nice try kid.. it looks good on you
but I'm not quite convinced......we'll see.

And finally in this randomonium post...I have Animal Planet on in the
background... a show about the deadliest Guinness World Records... 
freaks sitting in bathtubs with a geezillion spiders on them, cockroaches in their
mouths, a kid living in a room with a crazillion scorpions... four inch Asian scorpions! 
WTF is wrong with these people?????
Ahem, I once helped with a Guinness World Record, she coyly mentions under
her breath, and we made it into the book.
Something far less dangerous and far more ... well Me!! It was the largest
chocolate truffle in the world... over three hundred pounds of decadence!! 
Now that's what I'm talking about. I wonder if there's a record for drinking the 
largest glass of red wine... I'm sure I could win that one!!! 

Toodles peeps... tune in tomorrow for more crapolicious drivel!!! 


Brian Miller said...

that is a prettty cool wine goblet...and nice on the saving the change...i am all for warmer weather...come on spring!

Char said...

the glass looks beautiful..nd i'm ready for the rain to stop...even though we really need it

Liz said...

Love the glass. How many fingers did you burn?

Anonymous said...

You may get the gems on wine glass record too - Keep working it girl! Everyone needs a hot glue gun :)

john said...

Wonderful glass!It's looking very beautiful.Keep it up.