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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Randomonium Thursday....

I know... I have too much time on my hands!!!!! 
But seriously I don't.. I just do different things with my time than you.... I 
don't watch much TV, I shower in less than 5 mins and I hardly ever, 
really very seldom talk on the phone. 

I got Spongebob sleep pants for Christmas... yeah.. I know. 
I asked the family "hmmm, so you look at me and see Spongebob???"
Right... I look at me and see at least Liz or Lauren or something? No???

Have you heard Pink's latest release, now I'm not Johnny on the spot
with this 'cos it's been out for sometime but I keep forgetting to 
mention it.... there's really a line that goes..
"what's the dealio"
Really???? where's that edgy rockin' chick we used to know and love?

Now, as a Brit (well, am I an ex-Brit now?) (nah) ... OK as a Brit
I love to sit and watch Top Gear with the good old boys from 
Blighty. Even though I'm not a real car enthusiast it does make for 
some great TV now and again and it's shown here in the US.
Well of course, they had to come out with an American 
version which my darling betrothed insists on watching non stop.
Sorry fellow Americans... it's just not the same!!!! 
Sad sad sad....there is no translation for Top Gear. 

I will be 42 shortly, in less than a month. It's such a weird feeling.
Weirder than turning 40! 
I'm no longer where I can easily be mistaken for being in my 
thirties and my kids are really no longer babies. 
I find myself coddling my shih tzu's more. I think it's because
I feel in a weird place. I'm turning into a crazy lap dog lady....
a crazy lap dog lady in spongebob sleep pants.. and there is no 
top that compliments the spongebob pants!!!! 
In short... tis a mid life crisis. One that requires some help.... would 
one of you son's o' bitches please send me to What Not to Wear 
and get it over with ... PLEASE!!!!!!!
and I want to go to New York, not London, I couldn't stand to be near 
Trinny and Tranny or whatever their names are. 

OK I think I'm outta random for today... no wait... here's some of the  
music I'm diggin' lately; Nelly - Dream; Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me and then 
Florence and the Machine - Dog Days are Over and finally
Taylor Swift - Speak Now. 
Yep it's definitely a mid life crisis. 
Peace out... til next time! 


Brian Miller said...

all that and spongebob pjs...yep midlife crisis...smiles

Mama-Face said...

I remember 42. It was a good year. :)

Char said...

you crack me a very good way

Stephanie said...

That my friend is some quality random:) Mid-life crisis with Sponge bob pants? meh Could be worse!