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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's your favorite Christmas Decoration?????

So we're into the Holiday Season.... glad tidings and peace to all men! (and women)!

We have our tree up, didn't take very long this year, I guess we have it down
to a fine art....or we just don't have all the fancy decor we used to have.
Every year I say that I'm going to have the beautifully coordinated tree
I used to have... and every year we put the home made trinkets on the
tree... ahh well as long as they're little we'll be putting the
home made stuff up, they won't be little forever will they!! I love
to see their faces as they remember when they made stuff
or they see pictures on them of when they were little etc.
Then there are the old faves such as the Elvis decorations and the ball
with Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical!!

Here are my faves this year....

One that my crazy Mum sent to me... I love it!!!!

One I got from an ornament swap at a JSL Christmas do....

And this has been my favorite for about seven or so years now... my sister sent it to me!!!! Thanks Sis.

These are the elves who helped... look at the doors...cute!!!!

So what's your fave???? take a picture and post it... link back to this post... share, it's what
Christmas is all about!!!!


The Peach Tart said...

pretty ornaments. I hope to get my tree up this week.

Toronto real estate agent said...

Wonderful trinkets. I like especially that Santa. It's great when you have pieces like that. We have unfortunately only sets of decors which are not much personal. That's why I'm thinking about making some hand made trinkets this year. I hope it will be fun.

Good luck,

Barb said...

We are also still in the stage of hand-made kid ornaments. I like it. I even include a couple that hubby and I made as kids. We haven't gotten it all up yet. The kids dragged everything out, made a huge mess, and left it for me!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I have not even thought of the tree yet, but you post is putting me in a great Christmas mood! your flag ornament!

tori said...

ok I'm gonna get on this and link it...I will! I will!
p.s. your pics are awesome!

spudballoo said...

How funny...look, this is my favourite one..


rxBambi said...

Great idea for a post. I will definitely do it in the next few days.
Only... wheres your bra?

tori said...

ok I did a whole post on my favorites (not just one--that's too hard) :) that was fun! Thanks for the idea!

Barb said...

I did it too! On my rant and rave Wednesday post.:)

Brian Miller said...

nice. our house got invaded by wife was a ballerina so...

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