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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tues. Morning Random Ramblings....

Have been a little slack in the blog world lately, lots to do in real life and quite franky
just not feeling too creative!! I think I'm creatived out!!! blah!!!

A new toy may solve the problem, my darling employer and lover of all things gadgety
has dangled a new carrot..... the Bamboo Fun... Google it... I found it cheapest on
Amazon (my fave) with free shipping. Get one today!!!!

p.s. I am totally out of fun money so I haven't ordered mine yet but I have
a birthday coming up soon so any generous benefactors reading may want to
send me one!!! Thanks!!!!

Been having the weirdest, and I mean Weirdest dreams lately... one was about a
house I lived in with my Mum and it was all done up beautifully, then some guys came
and started to tear it down because we didn't pay the bill. I was terrified and so damn
angry all at the same time. Then they left the stairs half done and dangling so I asked her
how the hell she intended to get down the stairs and she threw herself off the top.
DO NOT want to dream that again!!!

Speaking of dreams, some are kinda reoccurring, not really the situation in the
dreams but the places. I often dream about this one particular house, to my
conscious knowledge I've never seen it but it always appears in my dreams and
I know every detail of it. I'd like to live in it! it's nice!

So, anyone else afraid to fly these days? I never have been, I love flying
but it is getting a little scary. It's starting to get a little like growing up in the UK in the
seventies and never trusting anyone with an Irish accent....

Why don't retailers just cut the crap and dispense with the song and dance of
charging high prices before Christmas??? We all know we can get it 75% off after
Christmas and hoard it 'til next year when we can't remember where we hoarded
it and end up rebuying it at the high price only to discover our hoarding place as
soon as we walk in from the car with the high priced stuff under our arms!!

And finally, really I could go on for days but I have laundry to do, finally,
a shout out to Aunt Kim... she raved about my blog when I saw her at Christmas,
she made me feel really good, she shared her Heineken with me, and we had a
great time!!! She bought me some terrific stemless wine glasses and wrapped
them in the prettiest paper with a big bow!!! She knows me!!!!
She loves Otin and made the comment that she thinks he just doesn't like
people!! LOL... You Rock Aunt Kim and I love you!!!

Ooopsss sorry that's not Aunt Kim, how did that get there???

That's better, here she is.. sad that the Heineken is empty... don't worry
AK..plenty more in the cooler!!! Hugs!!!!

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Brian Miller said...

lol on the pics at the end...

yeah, almost makes you want to buy christmas presents after christmas....much cheaper that way...

hmmm....what is this bamboo you speak of...

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