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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A little Tuesday Morning Randomonium....

Lately I have been really good about writing posts and scheduling them, thus freeing up my time to check out other blogs, comment and make new friends. Also more time for playing with the kids, getting them everything they need for school in the final weeks before Christmas and taking care of hubby who has a mystery illness called Man Flu.  Man Flu is of course not terminal although the patient has to be cared for like it is the very worst, life threatening disease on the planet. You must administer more medicine than woman flu requires (which apparently is a mild irritation compared to Man Flu...see how MF gets a capitalization even!) and the victim of MF must wear ridiculous clothing and spend a lot of time "resting" in front of the TV. Honestly, sweats with beige socks!!! and slippers!!!! How does being a people of Walmart make you feel better????

Today though I have run out of scheduled items so for a fill in I like to do my little Randomonium spot, it has a special place in my heart......

Dexter... watched the final episode last night (we have to download it 'cos we're too cheap for Showtime) and it was disturbing!!! Both hubster and myself are sad... just sad.... boo hooooo.

Syd... she's sick too and really upset that she can't perform in the Christmas extravaganza at school tonight... why oh why is it so hard to watch you're little ones when their hearts are breaking?  I wish I had some miracle drug that would perk her up and get her on the stage tonight, she's practiced so much that Peanut knows the song and offered to take her place!!! LOL.. now that's funny!!!!

Weather... it sucks here right now... one day it's freezing and raining... then it's downright hot... but still raining.. which makes for heavy fog and steam... yes steam people.. it's like living in a damn rain forest right now. And because it's so wet out everywhere looks shitty... just plain shitty... like the whole town needs a good clean. I'm ready for some brisk, dry weather with a beautiful blue sky.. not too much to ask.

Work.... I love my job, mainly because I love the people I work with. They are sad at the moment and that's all I have to say... I"m praying for some healing!!!

Dogs... my babies are the light of my life, and that's all I have to say about that.

Christmas... apparently we are the host family for this Christmas' celebrations.. all of a sudden we've leaped from an intimate little family Christmas to hosting six additional guests.... now I"m cooking a proper dinner for ten.. better get something russelled up real quick like.  I am really looking forward to it though, I love to have a houseful and entertain.  As long as my IV of red wine doesn't run out, all will be well.

And finally... I am kinda pissed at my beloved Nikon... yes I went there.... sorry Nikon Girls... I just can't get to grips with it in the dark!!!! I took it to Victorian Christmas the other night and it was a disaster. I know, I know I need to read the manual... but I don't want to read the freakin' manual, it's boring, I just want to take awesome pictures!!!!!!!!!!!  Here's a look at how I did...........put you're coffee down...........

What's up with this... Why is the peanut a blur??

OK used the flash (I know!) and there's a dark shadow????

No flash, and it just Stinks!!!!!

No flash, stood very still.... still stinks!!!!

Finally, half decent I guess.
None of the above have been edited.. what's the point? they stink!!


Unknown said...

We watched Dexter finale last night too....we were both STUNNED. But after he tossed Trinity off the boat, I knew it wasn't over. I knew something else was coming, but Rita was not on my mind---I figured she'd left on the plane and all was good. OMG.

Next season will be interesting. Dexter the single father/widower.

Brian Miller said...

MAN FLU...i just might be coming down with...cough, we just got all the cooking for christmas with mom going down this weekend...should be fun.

tori said...

love the Man true!!! I always pray the Hubs gets the crud before me because that is the only way I get any sympathy.
I hate watching my kids hearts break. It's the worst part of parenting and it happens over and over. ugh!
Hang in there!

Barb said...

I'm totally with you on the MF thing! And yes, it's so hard when one's kid is sad. I always just want to fix it for them!
Happy Tuesday

Indiri Wood said...

I have noticed that about Man Flu. Must be pretty rough for them but it's good we can't catch it. :)

We don't get steam here but this week we got ice fog. It's beautiful (if you look towards the sun it looks like glitter swirling around because the bits so tiny) but apparently it's terrible on your lungs. I stayed inside.

The dark spots on the first two pictures are in the same spot... I get something similar when my finger partially covers the anti-red eye light. How were you holding the camera?

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I think the peanut was blurry because she moved? I don't know. I think your pictures are beautiful!
I'm jealous you have a camera. I dropped mine and it broke.


Conny said...

Your post is cracking me up. It's good to catch up on things. My camera (Nikon Coolpix)drives me nuts too! I know I'm not the best photographer, but I'd at least like it to take a picture of what I see, like I SEE it. Maybe if I'd purchased a more expensive Cannon I'd get better pictures. (I needed a cheap camera for point-and-shoot opportunities.)

Thanks for the chuckle.

Optimistic Pessimist said...

i saw you mentioned dexter and had to skip to the end...I couldn't read any more. I've only seen the first 2 episodes of the third season. i heart dexter and would be devastated to read a spoiler. Hope all is well.

Mike said...

The weather here has been the same way! One day 40's and raining and then the next day 72 and raining. No wonder there is so much flu going around.

I hate taking pictures in dark areas, I am never ok with the results!

The Peach Tart said...

I'm still blown away by the Dexter season finale. WTF?

McGillicutty said...

Conny, Conny, Conny... nnnoooooo step away from the Canon. I am only pissed at Nigella Nikon because I am a useless woman who refuses to read the manual and I'm lazy when it comes to shooting in the dark!! (shut up Otie).
I will post some better pictures so that the Nikon is redeemed and endeavor to use Spudballoo's tips and create something wonderful.

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