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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Do you shake, rattle and peek????

Every year at Christmas (and on birthdays) I can yank his gorgeousness' chain
(shut up) until he can't freakin stand it.
He has never been good with secrets, if he buys something for me he has to run
home right away and give it to me... if he's planning a gift he'll tell me about it... and he can't
stand it if I've planned something for him and told one of the kids!!!!

So the tradition continues... this year I have purchased a gift for him
already and it's the only wrapped present currently under the tree.

I mention it now and again to get him all in a fluster... he thinks I don't
know he's frantically trying to figure it out. He tells me he doesn't care.
Then all I have to do is wait a few days and hit him with the big one...
"So, Babe, what do  you think is in the box?"
He asks a  few questions like is it bigger than a bread box, have I asked
for it or mentioned it .. that kind of thing.

Then we wait a few more days... he brings it up...
Him "Babe, if I guess it right, will you tell me what's in the box?"
Me "Nope"
Him "Well what the fuck... why do you ask me to guess then?"
Me "Cos I know you can't stand it!! and it makes me laugh"
Him "You're a bitch!!!"
And so the Warm Happy Holidays continue in McGillyville!!!!

Try it..... it's hilarious, I will get so much joy from this game and never get tired of it!!!

p.s. if I disappear, show this blog to the cops!!!

He was a lovely man, kind to animals and helped old ladies across the street, it's just a shame he
couldn't stand the suspense and excitement that one gift under the tree could bring, you never
know who's living next door..... and her, she was so funny and happy... she had no idea the
strain one wrapped gift under the tree would place on a man.... on a family... a community!!!


Jodi said...

super super funny post and wonderful title! good luck to your man and have fun my blogging friend!

Barb said...

Don't worry. If you disappear, we'll know what happened! At our house, it's the kids who can't stand it. We have several wrapped gifts under the tree and they are constantly asking what they are and can they open them early.

Blasé said...

Hubby's got YOUR just don't realize it!

McGillicutty said...

Blase... oh think so!! We'll just see about that. and how do you get the little graveee accent above the "e"?????? thanks for stopping by!!!

Brian Miller said...

lol. i cant stand secrets...they are just not fair. i will testify for him if need be...undue duress and stress, you know? smiles.

rxBambi said...

He looks kinda like an ax murderer to me. I'd watch out if I were you. Maybe don't get him too uptight. Or just yank his chain some more...


Mari Mansourian said...

always making us laugh :))

Mike said...

You have been married for some time and he doesn't know what you got in the box!? hahahaha!

Unknown said...

LOL, My hubs is the same way. He can't keep a secret for anything in the world! Great blog, I'm following! Found you on BlogFrog

tori said...

Wow this sounds just like my hubby. Finally, after 20 years he is able to contain himself and wait...usually.

McGillicutty said...

Just another mama...thanks for following, I am new to Blogfrog so it's kinda like stumbling around in the dark. I'll be over to check out your blog shortly!! Thx

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