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Friday, December 11, 2009

Prompted by signs.... and dreams...

Found a new blog tonight.... Mama's Losin' It... something in the name of this blog spoke to me!!! Wonder why?

Anyway, Mama Kat wrote a post on several prompts and asked us to write about one of the prompts and then link to it... guess what???? I have just the thing!!!!

When hubby and I met there was a little hitch in the wedding preparations in that he is American and I'm British. Makes planning a wedding a logistical nightmare, for the purposes of the immigration legalities it was necessary for us to be married in the States; for the purposes of a damn good knees up and including a million of my closest friends I wanted to have a wedding in the UK.  So we compromised, he and I went to the see Gloria Peters, the JP in Hunt County Courthouse, Texas. We said our bit and got ourselves legally hitched, a romantic day, lovely!!!! Really, just he and I and our shiny gold wedding bands, then we spent the day in Dallas sightseeing and ate Mexican in the evening!!!  Then a few weeks later we flew to the UK for our "blessing" in the Anglican Church. A day which I had really had no say in the planning of due to my being 4000 miles away in Dallas, TX.  Long story short, my mother can be a bit of a nightmare at times, this just happened to be one of those times.... only the most important day of my life... and she's being a total bitch.

The day proceeded despite all the drama and tears, Hubs and I packed up all our stuff the next day and got he hell out of Dodge, cut the stay with the folks short and spent the rest of our vacation with friends before returning to the States a week later.

Once we were home and settled into married life I started to have terrifying nightmares about the wedding. It was pure hell, I would cry all the time, I felt totally let down and miserable. You just can't get that day back once it's gone and been ruined, you can't repeat it, you can't get hold of everyone there and apologize for the behavior of family members. I was in a lot of pain when it should have been the happiest day of my life.  Then one night I went to sleep and dreamed that my Grandmother was talking to me, she had died about thirteen years before. She was so gentle and hugged me telling me that everything was going to be OK and that I was a good girl.  She told me to move on and forget about it and have a lovely life, that it wasn't my fault.

I woke up and immediately felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me, I felt comforted and loved, as if someone up there could see the whole mess without being involved and had exonerated me from any blame in the nightmare that was my wedding.  I stopped having nightmares and was able to put it all behind me.

I have not had a dream like it since, but I'm totally open to more visits of that nature. It was amazing!!!!!


Brian Miller said...

grammas are good like that...what a cool tale...minus the nightmares of course. so glad she was able to help you lift that burden...i would not mind a visit like that myself.

Jodi said...

So earlier when I commented above I was taken by the title and I had been remiss in visiting blogs I like. But then you visited me and I was reminded how nice that back and forth can be.

I'm at work and by all rights should not be on line but when I hit the link to this post.... OH MY. And then I read the next. Your blog ramblings are great. Thanks for putting it all out there. Families are hard and it's nice to have a sounding board after the grandparents move on. On to the boobie post. Laughing already. Hope I'm supposed to. Cheers!

rxBambi said...

I hope your momma doesn't read your blog!!!
Hubby and I got married in Napa with just our parents and the priest -- and schmecky. It was lovely. Then we came home and had a big party that was a blast.
Remember that yours was just a day. And a day that was a long long LONG time ago! heehee

McGillicutty said...

Bambi, no she doesn't but sometimes her preacher takes her a print out of a couple of posts. She knows how I felt about it and we closed the door on that episode a long time ago... bygones.

Juliana said...

I enjoyed reading this--it is really interesting to analyze our dreams. I look forward to following.

Love this post it note thing. I am going to have to start doing it, especially because I just quit my shop for OFFICE DEPOT.

I am now a new follower. Pop on by to my blog and follow back if you would like. I am actually doing my very first giveaway!

mean_owen said...

That's a wonderful dream; thanks for sharing. I hope that, except for mom problems, your Anglian wedding went better than this one: (

NHGirl said...

I feel your pain... my MIL shouted "LOUDER" during our vows because (despite the fact that she was in the front row) she couldn't hear us. I'll never forget that... and neither will my friends and family! At least we have a good chuckle about it now.

Congratulations on your wedding!

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