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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's with the old men lusting after young chicks....

So Jake Gillenhall and Taylor Swift??? only a nine year difference but seems like it's a freakin' ion from where I'm standing.  And apparently the kids at Cosmo Radio agree with me... what dy'all think? And I noticed tonight while waiting an ion in line at Walmart (why the hell do I torture myself by going there?) that Taylor is all over the glossies..whadup Tay Tay??? She seems pretty level headed and intelligent to me (I have to watch a lot of Taylor Swift specials due to 6 yr old infatuation with said pop diva) so why in the heck is she letting herself get all caught up in a media circus... people like me will buy her albums anyway.. it's the only way to avoid a melt down in Wally World.

And speaking of oldies snagging youngies... it's been going on for years... the pictures of Michael Douglas on the tabloids and his beautiful wife Catherine Zeta Jones (a fellow Brit, altho' Welsh bless her) are heartbreaking.  I just can't imagine what she's going through at this point in her life, she's not much older than me and wakes up to a dying man every day! just crushes me.

It's not only happening in Hollywood people, look around you. The other day I was eating lunch at a local restaurant and witnessed the sickening scene of a couple of older guys (one of them clearly in his 60's for Pete's sake) dining with a couple of girls young enough to be their daughters if not granddaughters!!! WTF?? They looked ridiculous, all fat and balding and hanging onto the every word of their obviously gold digging little companions. Giggle Giggle, hanging with grandpa and his slightly younger buddy, there's no such thing as a free lunch ladies and one day when you're giving it up you'll realize the chicken parm was not that good; especially when Grandpa has a heart attack in the middle of one of his rather worn out old jokes that even the roaches in the diner are freakin' sick of!!!!

Where's the attraction? where's the compatibility? what the hell would I have in common with a sixty year old never mind someone even ten years younger? My hubby is three years younger than me and because I'm such a wonderfully youthful soul it has never been an issue. Although, I am wondering when the eff he's ever gonna reach 40, it's taking a mighty long time. My mother and my sister both married guys ten years their junior and once upon a time another sister was married to someone 16 years her senior; my brother's wife is a couple two or three years older than he. We seem to be all over the map when it comes to our choice of spouse.  I have to say tho' the nearer you are in age I think the better your long term chances of staying together and living a happy and fulfilled life. Let's hope I never have to witness my old man lusting after young acquaintances, making a complete ass out of himself in public. I'd have to show my inner 'ass' and go drag him away from the little Lolita and remind him just what it was he got himself into when he said "I do". To use an old English  colloquialism; he knows what side his bread is buttered.

So, what's your take on it? Did you marry and old geezer or date one back in the day? I'd love to hear about it, I think the oldest guy I dated ever was about five years older than me but the biggest freakin' baby on the planet... oh he had the looks but was dumb as a rock. Hence my lesson learned and moved onto someone who had it all, looks, brains and a great sense of humor.. of course... he married me didn't he???

So as not to disappoint... if you were looking for Corner View... I will be posting my Pondering Post tomorrow... I really want to get back to my Corner View Posts... it's my fav project!!!! so check back ... please.


Jessica Warrick said...

i totally agree with the Taylor swift question what is she thinking she went from Joe Jonas to John Mayer to Jake Gyllenhal what is she thinking dating these grown men when she is just barely a women. I am 6 years older than my hubby and for some reason im always the older one but i act like the younger one. lol

Char said...

i've dated younger and older - the older bored me to tears because they wanted to sit at home like lumps. i once dated 15 years younger than me which was good until i asked how old his mother was (4 years older than i was) - yeah, that was it for me.

i married someone 4 years older than me and it seems to fit well.

Brian Miller said...

i am the older 1 year, 1 month & 2 days...smiles.

Barb said...

I guess I'm just a cougar. What? Yes, I look just like Courtney Cox. I'm a whole year and a half older than the hubby.


I am agreeing with ya here girl. It is somewhere between gross and funny.
I guess to be in that situation you would have to delude yourself enough to believe that your money or looks are enough to keep someone..or you just don't care enough to look longterm with your sugar-daddy/arm candy.
In our culture tho, successful and powerful men ALWAYS have young skanks on their real life guys think that if they have a JOB they deserve the same thing. That leaves alot of my average looking single girlfriends put out to pasture cuz men their age are out chasing around the girls they think they deserve...well they do deserve eachother. One good user deserves another...:)

PS: My husband is exactly 14 days older than me. SCANDAL.

The Bumbles said...

I've never dated more than a few years up or down. Andy is exactly 3 weeks older than me. And I think that's pretty cool. We've got friends with age differences around 7 or 8 years between them and their spouse. But I think at a certain point, age really doesn't matter. And the older you get, the less of a difference the gap makes. Though I will say - I get skeeved by people dating someone young enough to be their child.

Indiri Wood said...

The oldest guy I dated had about 10 years on me. Back then it was a lot (because I was 17, oops) but now I don't think it would be such a big difference. My ex-husband was 8 years older than me and we had more than 10 years together.

On the other hand, it's not old guys going after young chicks. It's just guys in general. :)