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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Weekend Weekend....

So... it's the weekend... and what to do what to do. There are a million and one projects around the house but I say Eff 'em. I'm just not in the mood.... the weather is SOOOOO beautiful I should be out and about soaking up some of the South GA, North Fl natural wonders.

I think it would be good for me and Nikon to go off exploring, it has literally been ages since I took any good pictures, tried to get some of the girls the other day and this was the result..... they just don't cooperate.

Although I have to say I'm still impressed at how beautiful Syd looks even with the tongue out!!! 

This is why I prefer to shoot spiders, they can be really beautiful and they don't stick their tongues out or whine about me having a camera stuck in their tiny little faces. Maybe I should be some kind of professional insect photographer??? Is there a call for that kind of thing??? Hmmm wonder if I could hang in the Amazon for six months discovering and shooting all kinds of new creepy crawlies???? what about my Pedi's????

OK... update in other news.....yesterday Ash lost a couple of things... firstly, her second tooth popped out at school with a little help from the school nurse, she proudly displayed it to me when she got home. Wow.. she's really starting to look like a big kid. Here is her Tooth Fairy Savings plan, "I'm not going to put it under my pillow, I"m gonna trick the tooth fairy and hide it. I will save up all my teeth until I'm about ten years old, and then I'll put them all under my pillow together and maybe I"ll get TEN BUCKS!!!!".  That's my girl, already realizing there's a benefit in saving!!!!!  Unfortunately that realization didn't last long and she caved telling me "nah, I need a dollar now!!".  Sigh. The other thing she lost yesterday was about three or four inches of hair, yep, finally she looks like she belongs to someone. There was just not enough time in the morning to deal with the drama of brushing Ash's hair so off it came. It's cute as can be, a little bob framing her pretty little face. I so wanted to have kids with flowing blonde locks, the kind that you can create fabulous do's with but it's just not happening. They both have curls and people always mention them but damn it we just don't have the energy to style those curls every day..... cursed are the curls!!!!!!! I'm over it. 

And finally...yesterday was REPORT CARD DAY!!!! the most exciting part of every nine weeks of the school  year and I was not disappointed.... both girls have done very well, exceptionally well even. I am so proud of them!!!!! Little geniuses (well of course they are). There is a lot to be said for their teachers and the schools they attend, these people truly bring out the best my kids have to offer and I appreciate them every single day. I know they work hard, I know they care and most of all I know my kids are safe and loved. Thank you, thank you, thank you lovely teachers of the world... I never realized the importance of teachers until I had kids myself!!!!!! 

OK... time to get my ass off the computer and get out dooooorrrsssssss!!!!!!!!!! Hope your weekend is as lovely as mine!!!!!!!! 


Brian Miller said...

nice on the report shots too...those are some huge buck

Char said...

yay for great report cards!!!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Your girls are so cute! Even with the tongue out. Congrats to them on the report cards. :)

The Bumbles said...

That's a very sweet shout out to teachers. More parents should be as appreciative as you.

As for curly hair, I find that my curls spring more naturally and look better with a shorter do - longer locks just drag mine down. But regardless, your girls are dolls no matter how their hair is cut.

P.S. - I prefer taking photos of landscapes and buildings - those pesky humans keep moving on me.