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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Corner View.. Pondering.

I love this theme because it's actually a word I don't hear very often any more!!! My Mum is a big ponderer. She was always pondering something when I was growing up and had a "look" when she was deep in ponderance!!!

I pondered the word pondering while I was in the shower this morning and decided I just don't have enough pondering time lately!!! I couldn't even think of something that I'm currently pondering... argghhhh... I need to rectify that situ... immediately!!!!!

Anyhoodles.... here are the pictures I have picked as very good "pondering" pics.... the first is my friend Lins who I talked about earlier this week. Here she is pondering the thought of becoming a new mother!!!! The second if of course my darling little Ash and who the heck knows whats she's pondering but it's definitely something she's thinking very deeply about.

Enjoy and please go see the other Corner View on the tab to the right of the screen. I'm really going to put in the effort to CV every Wednesday like I should!!!!


Conny said...

Yaay, you're back in CV land! Those are two great pondering pictures ~

la ninja said...

you're doing all right, pet (I cv whenever I can/feel like it. if it becomes a burden it loses its edge, innit?)

and I pondered prince, so hey. much less serious than you (and that'd be a first, like :P)

la ninja said...

p.s. I reckon theresa has an updated cv list (many people have dropped out... I just drop in, out and by. can't help it, it's my nature :)