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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bits and bobs but doesn't quite warrant randomonium....

Now....doesn't that look good. It's all about the light see.
Have to say Beer is not my go to kinda drink but every now and again it's
just so refreshing to pull a cold one outta the fridge. 
My sissy in law loves Heineken so this is just for her!!! 

Tonight I drove home, 30 miles through the countryside, with the windows
down and music playing loud. My hair was wildly billowing around my
face and I thought I was some hot stuff.... until I realized I was 
really just a hot mess with my left blinker going the whole time looking
like some old lady from Florida blasting down the freeway!!! 

Speaking of light (first paragraph) do keep up. I love this pic I snagged of 
Ash in the park the other day. 
This is Midnight Monster Webkins that she named Bob.

Uh oh.... Daddy just walked in and suggested we go to the Blue Angels air show
in Jacksonville this weekend.... say what??? Hell yeah!!!!!! 
I love me an air show!!!!! 

OK gotta go and discuss logistics... see y'all later!!! 


Conny said...

Oh yeah! The light reflecting upward off the slide is Great! Good catch there.

Have fun at the air show! Cheere~

Brian Miller said...

so are you sharing? smiles.

nice second capture as well..we have a couple pic!

Char said...

gorgeous light for sure. :) i do that too - drive with my windows open.

cate said...

oh, i could go for a drive with the windows down... riding the subway is definitely not the same. have fun at your show!