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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I've been seriously restricted.

Happy Tuesday y'all.
Well it appears that working full time and having a little 'commute' is infringing on
my blogtivity. The tweny minutes I would snag in the morning to knock out a
quick blog or the thirty mins when I got home in the afternoon are now filled with
drive time and embarassing myself all over the country via Sirius Radio. 

I haven't taken any good pictures lately and without them I feel naked. I feel I have
nothing to illustrate my posts. The kids are rebelling against me snapping them
and it's killing me. They are the most beautiful girls in the world and for some
reason have decided they definitely do NOT want Mommy shoving the
camera in their faces any more.. not no way.. not no how.

At this very moment I am coming to you live from the local library and it's not
a very inspiring place to be. I'm surrounded by people accessing all kinds of
weird, suspicious crap, guessing they don't have computers at home. I can't connect
to the internet on my net book in the office, there's no wi-fi for me to connect to
and I really didn't feel like sitting in Wendy's all by myself so I chose the library.
Hmmm maybe a frosty at Wendy's would have been a better option.

Does this mean I need an iPad? can I blog from an iPad? what are the
advantages to having one? other than I can play the piano on an iPad.
Do you think if I mention iPad a gazziolion times on this post they will send
me one? What about a BambooCraft? I really want them to send me one of
those.. may have to ramp up the efforts for them to notice my blogs and tweets.

Speaking of free stuff... I have a very exciting giveaway!!! one you
won't want to miss so tune in tomorrow and see what it is that
you... yes you... could win!!!!!
That's if I can get online and make time to actually prepare the
amazing giveaway post. I know I have a lot of lurkers out there and
you will want to join in and comment tomorrow I promise you.
'til then my little darlings... au revoir!!!
from the good old days before "no press, Mama".


Brian Miller said...

lurk lurk out one of those library atrons may be a lurker...bwahaha! smiles.

well i will look forward to tomorrow then...

Ashley Sisk said...

Ooooh a givaway. I'll be back! Love this two little cuties!

Conny said...

Still...if looks could kill. I hear you on the blog restriction - commuting sure does get in the way.

likeschocolate said...

They are beautiful girls. I hope you are able to find more free time, but it sounds all very exciting to me.

Char said...

:) yay for the job!!! somehow i missed that and...yay for sirius. i listened to cosmo this morning after your recommendation. they were talking about 'sister wives'

i know about the job interferring with fun...happens to me too

spudballoo said...

The library? Blimey...yes you need an iPad ;-) although I don't have one. i'm not actually sure what I'd use it for. Other than to lick it, obviously.

I'm assuming your lovely girls are beyond the bribable stage for photos? Bah.

I'm also short on blogging mojo. Schoolrun means my days are short and involve too much driving! xx

Stacey said...

Oh! You soooo need an iPad! And yes you can blog from it... That's all I blog from these days!