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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday October 11th......

There isn't anything particularly significant about today, and nothing particularly significant has happened over the past few days which leads to the question... what to blog about?

I'm coming out of a really bad few weeks days of feeling under the weather and therefore mentally defeated, I just think too much when I'm on my own or under the weather. I have come to the conclusion I really should read more fiction.  If I read more fiction I'd have less time to manifest thoughts of doom, gloom and downright paranoid schizophrenia!  Sometimes I think I'm going nuts, literally, then I realize I'm just a mid life Mama dealing with life's every day shit balls and that I'm no different to anyone else. How aloof of me to think that my drama is worse than yours!!!  So today is a non drama day. Today is only significant because it's the day I choose to be positive and forget all the little niggling soul destroying thoughts that bombard my brain when I am not at my full BS fighting fitness.

So... I'm going to blog about mushrooms and shopping lists..... yes that's right!

A while ago now a blogging friend of mine (who no longer blogs... leaving a hole in my entire existence) sent me a recipe for a lovely dish that involved mushrooms and broccoli and pasta. It's totally delish;  I just printed out her email and keep it in my recipe drawer.  Every time I bring it out to cook the meal I get to see a little bit of her personality, I don't have it on me otherwise I would reprint it here and you'd see why I love her so much!!! She wrote the recipe just how she talks and it makes me smile. I cooked it for His gorgeousness and myself on Saturday night and read the recipe again with a smile in my heart, can't wait to travel to St Louis soon and hopefully get a nano second to see her and give her a hug!!!!

Saturday morning I asked my lovely seven year old if she'd help me make a shopping list, the other child was sick so we divided and conquered.... youngest and myself did the weekly grocery shopping while oldest child stayed home puking and Dad cleaned up her mess! Perfect!
So, Ash was busying herself writing the shopping list asking me how to spell everything and drawing little pictures next to the items. She had written numbers down first and somehow decided we needed 25 items. When it got to number eleven she said "uh uh, I know what we need here... three bottles of wine!".  I have no idea how she determined we needed three but it sounded good to me so three it was!!! It's just amazing to me what goes on in that little head of hers, I have no earthly idea how people could have kids and not listen to them, interact with them or love them. I just don't understand it. I get so much pure joy from talking with my girls and including them in the day to day actions of running the household and planning stuff I can't imagine how boring it was before they came along. Just a shopping list... but she made it a memorable shopping list and brought a smile to my face on a crappy Saturday morning filled with crud and puke and jobs still waiting to be completed. What will I do when she's all growed up???


missing moments said...

I think all of us have many days filled with mundane tasks! Of course, with young ones around, I can't imagine anything being mundane if not just chaotic! LOL!
Have a great day!

Indiri @ Turning Stones said...

What a little sweetie to help her mama. And so thoughtful to think of the wine too, hehe. :)