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Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh Darlin' don't you ever grow up....

Yet another favorite photo from a recent trip to the beach.. you would think I only have 
one daughter the way my pictures are going wouldn't you? 
Well I actually have two beautiful girls but the eldest is so cool it's impossible
 to take a picture of her these days. 

So I will continue to snap away the little one and hang on to the memories for dear life 
because it won't be long and she too will be an ultra cool tweener and there will 
be no room in her life for an ultra uncool camera toting mother.

She promises me that she will always love me and always be my little girl.
But I know that can't be, she has to grow up one day and it's 
only right that I allow her to do that, to embrace her independence, as much as it 
kills me to even think of it. I know she'll always love me but she 
can't always be little.

So I won't think about it.... I will just live in this moment, the moment when we
still hold hands walking to the shops and share laughs and secrets, the moment where
I can still be the only one to comfort her when she's sad and listen to her little 
stories from school. If truth be told the older one still lets me do these things
too but only when no one is watching and God forbid I actually blog about
anything she does!!! 

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TexWisGirl said...

she's so precious. perfect freckles and innocence...