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Friday, October 7, 2011

Randomonium Friday....

Hello Friends... well it's Friday and thank GOD for that!! this has truly been a week!!!! 

You know when you're all single and have no worries and you get sick and you can just
crawl under the duvet and come out when you feel better??? I long for those days. 

You know when you're married with kids and a job and responsibilities... you can't get sick
because there's no one there to take up the slack.. or feed the dogs... or get the kids to camp..
or do laundry... or make you something good and soothing to eat, like soup. 
There's no crawling under the duvet because there is still shit to be done and if you take time
off work you're an evil slacker and they won't pay you or worse you'll be mocked while
you are at home feeling less than human... fyi .. I really don't have any co-workers so 
that last part doesn't apply but I still feel bad for missing work. 

Do you sense I may have been sick this week? 

In other news... what the hell is up with that horrid, horrid of all fashion trends.. 
orange, black and white zig zags???? No ... please for the love of good taste
don't take part in this ridiculous fad. Zig zags have never been flattering and never will be.
Never ever.. stop the madness now! 

Bunting... now there's a thing. It's huge.. I am sure those of you way more up to date
and cooler than me have realized this for a while but I'm just getting on the bunting 
band wagon.. and I ADORE IT!!! I want to cover my whole house and back garden
in bunting... I want to Bunt my whole existence. I wonder if I could make teeny tiny
bunting and hang it around my neck? No? Maybe not... might be a little too clowny.
Just so you know.. my Mum who is just wired to spot trends a million miles away
sent me some bunting about what.. two or so years ago... see she knows what's hot.
FYI.. she's in a nursing home and hardly gets out.. and she's still cooler than me.

My youngest child asked a very interesting question this week while we were driving..
"are we rednecks or Christians?"
Ummm .. yeah that's a good question! what in the world would cause her to 
think that "redneck" was a religion? Growing up South GA... shakes head and runs
off to sign her up for the National League of Junior Cotillions..... 

Fall... definitely here.  We threw some scary looking dollar store bought stuff out on the
porch last week... maybe that's what prompted the question above! 
I actually hate decorating for Fall.. don't see the point... we never did stuff like that at 
home in Blighty but the girls always want some Halloween decorations so I cave and then
cringe every time I drive up to the house.  If only I had the time and inclination to make 
it a super duper display of classy, divine decor suited toward harvest festival rather than 
the macabre. But I don't... it's not something I have much interest in so I'll grin and 
bear it until Nov 1st when it's all coming down baby!!
I did see some cool Halloween bunting on Etsy... hmmm... yes!!!

yes... it's just bokeh... SOOC... I have to be the only bozo alive who can get
a pic of just bokeh!!!!!

So that's it from me... another crap post to make you wish you'd just blown on by
me in your reader... sorry! Still fuzzy headed and longing for a little rest and recuperation.
Stop by tomorrow to check out chicks... yes... Fall chicks.. like Easter 'cept in October.
I know.

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