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Sunday, November 7, 2010

You are what you eat!!!!!

Remember a few months ago I hopped on my soapbaox blogged about watching Food Inc. and I talked about going organic and eating food that hasn't been bleached, mangled and filled with horrible toxins??? Well I'm at it again.

I will say this, I haven't been the best at keeping to my resolution of not eating total crap, although I have tried to be more aware and spend my food dollars more wisely on, well, actual food. It's not easy.... really... it's not!!!!

My vows have once again been renewed following an interesting documentary I stumbled upon on Netflix, it's called Foodmatters and I recommend it to ANYONE WHO IS ALIVE and THOSE WANTING TO REMAIN ALIVE FOR A FAIRLY LONG TIME!!!!!!!  say about the same as an average life span of a healthy human being. I have come away with two points to ponder and we all know how I would much rather ponder a topic than actually ACT upon it. Firstly, we as a family don't pay nearly enough attention to what is actually good for us and what we need to nourish our bodies as appose to stuff we like to have that make the hunger go away or instantly satisfy our cravings for junk. Secondly, we never stop to think that vitamins and nutrients are like the before to the pharmaceutical industry's pill form after.....meaning that if we can prevent illness by popping a few vitamins then we won't need to pop a few hideously over priced chemicals that will not ever cure us in the long run.

Lets see..... the word nourishment... what does it actually mean.... food, or the valuable substances in food that a person, animal, or plant requires to live, grow, or remain fit and healthy.... the definition found on Encarta. 

So, how often do we actually think to ourselves we're going to fix dinner and nourish our bodies?? I never do, I think what the hell can I give these starving heathens that they will actually eat and stay off my back!!!!!! What can I grab quickly from the grocery store and heat up to keep them from opening the fridge and the pantry all the while whining.. "can I have a ssssnnnnaaaccckkkk???".  

It's even easier than I thought... it's back to basics... it's life as the foragers knew it. Nuts, berries and greens. There is no complicated recipe or three week starter phase, you don't have to deny yourself anything other than the total shit that is processed and mass produced until it actually has no nutritional value whatsoever. If you look on a box of cereal these days I don't think there is even anything on there that remotely resembles actual cereal... the actual honest to goodness whole grains and right out of the ground plant that is a cereal. Why count the fifty or so ingredients that you have no idea how to even pronounce when you can have an apple, a carrot, a broccoli floret... no additives, no preservatives just honest to goodness food. I'm not saying we all need to be vegetarians or vegans but going back to basics and having some cut veggies and some blueberries or nuts hanging around for the kids to munch on can't be all bad. I'm taking the plunge, AGAIN, to try and really think about what my family consumes and what it is that they need to be healthy happy human beings.

I hope that at lease one person reading will investigate FoodMatters and watch it and learn something!!!! If you're in the lease inquisitive as to how you may be able to prolong your life and avoid things like Heart disease and stroke you may want to give it an hour or so of your time.... it will change your life!!!!

Dismounts soap box and walks away happy with her little Public Service Announcement!!!


Snap said...

Here's to public service announcements!

Barb said...

Last January we pledged to do whole foods for a month. It was a great experiment. Since then I've tried to steer away from processed food as much as possible. We joined an organic farm (pay for a share, pick up produce once a fortnight). I buy free range eggs and chicken (as much as possible). I buy locally produced beef and pork (as much as possible - there's a local guy who has great meat). (beef and pork, that is! get your head out of the gutter!) Finally, much to my surprise, my 14-yr-old asked if we could do it again!

Erin said...

LOVE this post. I went vegetarian after watching Food, Inc. and reading "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer. Scary to think about the things we are eating. I'm not perfect, but I do try to mostly shop Whole Foods & farmers' markets.

p.s. are you on Twitter? I want to tweet share this, but don't know if you are on there....

Alexa said...

Alicia Silverstone once made a great point about the foods we should be eating. Basically, she said if our great-grandparents would have no idea what we were talking about if we told them what we were eating, we shouldn't eat it. And recently on the news, I heard that we shouldn't eat anything that contains ingredients we can't pronounce. I'm going to check out this documentary you speak of!