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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inner Ramblings of a Stranded Passenger.....

This is a very difficult post for me to write today, the reason I'm  not shying away 
from something so difficult is that I want to preserve these feelings.... I don't know why, 
I just do, and seeing as this is my method of preservation, here goes. 

Friday was full of fun and laughter, although every media outlet was harping on about 
the cloud of volcanic dust over the UK, I took my usual optimistic approach and didn't 
worry about it. I was sure it would all blow over by Sunday and I'd be out of there and on 
my way back to South GA. By Saturday morning when I went to check in I was happy to 
see that my flight was OK, I called home to assure his gorgeousness that all was well and I'd be
checking in online momentarily, by the time I returned to my coveted netbook the flight 
had been cancelled!!!! A tiny bit of anxiety set in as I was unable to get hold of the 
airlines, I did manage to talk to a wonderful lady about my hotel reservations and she 
was very helpful in changing those for me. "Not to worry madam, we understand the situation
and will be happy to accommodate you in any alterations you may need to make". Super. 

So, for a few agonizing hours on Saturday and Sunday I attempted to contact the airlines 
and see what the hell was happening. Finally on Sunday I make human contact, their alternative 
plan is to book you on the first available flight (God willing it will actually get off the ground) which 
for me was a week away. So with my heart sinking I told the guy to go ahead and book me
a space and I'd pray for the best. The best is still yet to happen, here we are on Tuesday 
and there are still no flights out of the UK and I'm relying on the graces of some good friends
who very generously offered to let me stay here until I can make it home. 

So, luckily for me this beautiful city is a photographers paradise! If I can't go home then I can 
at least make the best of it and take some pictures and enjoy the unusually warm weather
we are experiencing. This is like a dream come true... Time on my own with my camera
in one of the most picturesque places on the planet (in my opinion, and it's my blog so mine
is the only opinion that counts right now!). Not so, all I want to do right now is see my 
family. I'm pretty independent and was happy to book a trip home without them for a 
little over a week, but being forced to be away from them for this long is not sitting well with
me. I want to see them, to hug them, to share in their days and kiss boo boos. 
Oh we're talking on the phone a few times a day but it's not the same, last night Syd was 
telling me something and she just stopped and sighed... "I miss you Mama". It just 
about broke me heart right there and then. I will never again travel without my little 
gang... we're a unit... we're four quarters that make a whole... we're a well oiled 
engine that doesn't work with a part missing. 

For now, it's back to the checking of websites, looking for a break in the dust cloud, 
and trying to make the best of it. I feel like I'm torn between two loves, this city is 
about the only place on earth I would actually want to be stranded in, but I realize that 
the only people on earth I really want to be with forever and ever are the McGilly's on 
the other side of the Pond. Wouldn't it be grand if they were stranded with me?

So here's a little snippet of Sunny Salisbury for you.... enjoy!!!! 

'scuse the white balance, I picked up my camera today and realized the whole time I 
had it set on incandescent light! Urgghhh... here I am thinking I'm top banana photo
woman and I'm an idiot. A little editing helped somewhat. 
Any of you bloggers want to come hang out in the Salisbury area just give me a 
shout, Spud? B? anyone?

Keeping Calm and Carrying On!!! 


Brian Miller said...

at least you are making the most of it...magnificent pics...

Lindsay said...

Your pictures are amazing. I can NOT wait to visit your "homeland." haha

But, seriously, COME HOME. I MISS YOU. Find a boat.

Kimi said...

Gorgeous pics! Stinks that you can't get home, but at least you are making the most of it.

Char said...

so sorry that you're stranded! what lovely friends you have - i worry about all the people that may not have that. isn't that weird that i do that? but everytime i hear the news about it..i worry for them.

hope you make it home soon - enjoy the time you have though. great shots.

The Bumbles said...

I'm sorry you are stranded without the rest of your "unit" - but glad that you are in your favorite spot with a camera. The shot of the shadows in the arches is wicked cool. I know another blogger in the States who had planned to take her daughter to Paris for her 16th b-day and go dress shopping for a prom dress - HUGE (and expensive) special trip just the 2 of them together. And now it has been squashed by ash. But at least they are together!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed it won't be long! Love the pictures! Keep snapping to keep your mind off your predicament! (or else just head for the nearest pub and drown your sorrows in Guiness - for strength!)

Guusje said...

Good luck, you!
We love Salisbury....

Mike said...

Wow! You are one of the unfortunate stranded people, huh?

At least we get to see some great photos! Hang in there!