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Friday, April 16, 2010

In which a Volcano Stops Play.....

After spending a few days with the family here in the UK I'm settling back into 
the British way of life nicely. Had a couple of visits to the pub, my fave of all British 
Traditions.... last night was hilarious, the particular pub we went to has a little
room in the back, very traditional.  I think they call it a snug. 

Anyhoo... there were a bunch of old men in there just enjoying a pint and putting 
the world to rights. It seemed they would all talk at once, then there'd be a few
moments of silence while they reflected and then it would start again. 
Then at one point "the Mrs" of one of them poked her head in the door and 
up he jumped, grabbed his coat and followed her home. Sweet. 

We grabbed a Chinese take away when we left and my GOD it was 
soooo awesome!!!! Really bad for you and I'll have a lot of work to do 
when I get home to shed all the pounds I'm gathering along the way.

So.. and in true McGilly tradition, nothing goes smoothly... in this case we have 
a cloud of volcanic ash over the UK, it's halted all flights... yes nothing 
minimal here, not just a few delays or anything... ALL FLIGHTS CANCELLED!
Heathrow Airport is quieted, as is Gatwick and EVERY AIRPORT
in the COUNTRY!!!! wtf??? So while his gorgeousness panics about 
the logistics of it all, I am calmly checking the websites and seeing 
what the developments are. If all goes well I can fly home as planned on 
Sunday, if not I'll just hang around and maybe shop a little more! hee hee.

Well gotta go now and get ready to head South, we're off to my old 
stomping ground to see my old friends and guess what... we're going
to the pub!!! Whooop Whooop. Catch ya later bloggers!!!! 


Brian Miller said...

really its all gotta kinda be surreal with all the ash...mmm, chinese....

Stacy Uncorked said...

I have always wanted to visit the UK - I saw a headline about the ash causing traveling your attitude of just sticking around and doing more shopping if you can't fly home as planned! ;)

Unknown said...

McGilly, did you plan this? Was there a conspiracy with the Google Gods to keep you in your old stomping grounds for a few more days? LOL! Have one for me! Blessings!