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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Live from a Travelling Mid Life Mama...

OK peeps... at the airport...woop wooop!!!! it's always amusing....there's an array of people in uniforms who think they are way more important than the Queen....I mean helllooooo. They are there to check your bags and give you shit about how many toiletries your carrying, how can they possibly be more important than the Queen FFS??????

Yes it happened again, every time I travel I get the lecture about my toiletries... this time there was a woman in uniform at the x-ray machine... she looked aghast and said ... "this is just one passenger" then she hailed a big guy over there to count and test my shit to make sure I wasn't smuggling millions of dollars in lotion. You see I knooowwwww there are limits and you can only have about a milliliter of liquid in any bottle... so the answer my friends is simple... buy a ton of travel size shampoo and body wash and lotion and toothpaste and mouthwash and blah blah blah and carry them all on. I have to say my bag is mighty heavy and I may have overdone it just a tad but a girl has to stay clean when on the "road". What if my sissy and the friends I'm staying with don't have my brand of shampoo and body wash, what if my skin dries up in the skies over the Atlantic and I can't find the superdy duperdy creamy hydrating lotion??? I cannot get off the plane in Blighty lookin' like a dried up prune.

Then there's all the equipment.... it's a sign of the times...there was a day when I would never take any electronics with me when travelling.. other than maybe a little instamatic camera.  Now I have my Nikon, three lenses, my net book, all the chargers and batteries... the phone.. and charger... the this the that and before you know it I look like some kind of crazy walking office. Unbelievable!!!! Oh and I still need to buy new headphones for my iPod, I know I had some last week but just couldn't find them before I left the house!

I did think about buying a book at the airport too but wtf I can't carry one more thing!!! not even a paperback.... and I was so sure I had packed light... dang it. Check back later when I'll be reporting live from another damn airport in another damn city. I should reach my destination some when in the next month or so when it will be time to turn around and come home!!!! Bon voyage!!!!


Brian Miller said...

haha. have fun flying the friendly skies!

Barb said...

Have a good flight! I hope you're not squished in between a bunch of people in coach. If so, I hope they upgrade you to business. Just tell them you need the extra room to avoid another DVT! (it didn't work for me but it might for you.)
Have a great time!
(My word verification is "mammo". I've already had my mammo for the year, thank you very much!)

Jeannette said...

Your posts always make me grin from ear to ear! ;-)
Behave on plane and be save!
Bon voyage my dear and have a great time.