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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Well, well, well... looks who's all grown up...... seven years old and just as special as the day she was born.

Actually, and this is me being completely candid, she's way more special now than the day she was born. The day she was born was a stormy day in Florida and we didn't know if she was going to actually make an appearance that day. You see, Ashley was born in the summer of 2004 and it was a turmultuous year weatherwise, hence her nickname of Hurricane Ashley, she was a force to be reckoned with from the beginning. Having said that it was a tall order living up to the reputation of Tropical Storm Sydney, the elder sibling who had already set the bar for wonderful kid and all around heart stealer.

Still since the early days of being second in command, Ashley had held her own and gradually became a showstopper in her own right. I used to think that Sydney was the most beautiful and intelligent little girl I had ever laid eyes upon, although I tried hard not to be "one of those mothers" I couldn't help but mention the wonderful accomplishments of my lovely daughter. Then Ashley came along and although she was just as cute as could be for the first three years she never quite lived up to the incredible acheivements of daughter nunber 1. Until of course she set about changing the world all by herself.

Ash was quick to walk, very quick to talk and amazingly speedy to steal the hearts of those around her. She was our second child and even though I initially thought one could never really love their second as much as the first I found myself equally in love with both of my gorgeous, smart and witty children. It's incredible to watch them grow and jockey for their position in life, each of them battling for first place in the hearts of their parents and family.... one day they will realize without a doubt that there is pleny of room for both. Still, I recognize the competition, I was the youngest of four, it seems that every day you want to prove yourself to be better than one's siblings. I hope that they do know I love them both equally, be it for different reasons, I will never be able to choose one above the other.

I look at the pictures I take of them growing up and I hope to capture a moment, capture what I see in them every day. I hope that one day they'll look back on these pictures and it will stir a memory in their minds, a reflection of how they felt in that very moment of time. I have no idea if they will even be able to imagine how I felt, as their mother, probably not, still I hope these pictures will help to piece together their childhood. I cannot believe how time passes so quickly, and how, at seven, my baby can look so grown up... but guess what? we can still cuddle on the couch and she will still kiss me and tell me she loves me when she feels it neccessary and thankfully that's quite often.

My heart swells when I think of these little girls I adore so much.

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Brian Miller said...

we each carry our own beauty and own ways to change the world. she sounds a lovely young lady...cherish the moments you have now mom...

Ursula Page said...

She looks so grown up and pretty! I remember when she was a tiny tot. Sigh... they grow up too fast!