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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Odds & Sods from home

How lucky I am. I feel a little happy dance coming on. 
Being an ex-pat is nice n all, you know, having the best of both worlds.
If you're going to be anything Anglo/American is the way to go. 
The most fabulous thing of all is when I get little gifts in the mail that are 
sent remind me of home, I LOVE it. 

Sometimes I feel like a little girl again when I open the packages and when they are
full of things like sequined Union Jack pillows I am positively giddy. 
My little Burberry teddy bear in particular approved of this accent pillow, a nice
little addition to the chair he occupies in the corner of my boudoir! 
Thank you big sissy for my lovely gift, I adore it.

Then there was this surprise parcel in the mail...... from a fellow blogger no less. 
If you're a regular here you'll definitely recognize this mug.

Yes it was sent to me by non other thans Spudballo... check it out there where it 
honestly looks a lot better but I'm doing all I can to make it feel at home Stateside. 
I thought I had been keeping up with Spud's whitterings rather well until I just 
scrolled through her blog looking for the link. I'm sure she squeezes in posts after 
the fact because I seem to have missed quite a lot, and although one can never totally 
keep up with every blog, Spud's is one you ought to get to more than most.

So my dear friends, should you find any little trinket in your travels that may remind
me of home, don't hesitate to send it to me. I am easily pleased and just adore
getting things in the mail, especially unexpected little treasures like the ones above. 

I'm also known to stuff a gift or two in the mail myself so you never know! 
Happy Thursday Tous Les Monde. 


Brian Miller said...

smiles. glad you got a taste of home...will keep my eye out...

got your msg on twitter...dry ice?

spudballoo said...

Oh such a lovely post! Bless you xxxx did you went to Australia too

Little bits of England finding new homes. Might send a boy or two next ;-)


Liz said...

I just clicked the "Like" button for this post!

NightlySun said...

Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!